Dream Big for the Lower East Side in 2014


You may know the story of how FABnyc was founded . . . twelve years ago arts and cultural groups on East 4th Street were at risk of being forced out, but thanks to the collective vision and action of FABnyc's founders, the arts are here to stay.

Our roots in the neighborhood are deep, and we are working diligently to respond to today's challenges, while helping to shape an inclusive and innovative future for this community.

"We" can't happen without YOU! You are an integral part of our work and our home, and you keep us going from year to year. Your support provides valuable programming year-round, as well as the capacity to implement creative solutions to ongoing challenges - solutions that cut costs and provide networked support and resources to the artists who need them most.

As we approach the new year, we ask that you consider making a contribution to FABnyc. Your investment will help the arts and culture continue to be part of an equitable and thriving Lower East Side for years to come.

Together with you, we can continue to dream big for the Lower East Side in 2014 and beyond.

Thank you for sticking with us.


Tamara Greenfield
Executive Director
Highlights from 2013...

Photos by Whitney Browne
Top photo pictures D.C., student of East Village Dance Project in the foreground,
and Downtown Art in the background
Dance Block images pictures The Movement Party
ArtUp image detail of LNY's "The Golden Hour" by Keith Schweitzer

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