City in a City

City in a City is FAB’s program for supporting cultural life in the Lower East Side.  The program’s goals are to support and preserve local cultural organizations and to open up more opportunities for LES residents, youth, and elders to participate in culture-making.  This initiative builds on past programs in public art, community engagement, and capacity building for nonprofits and individual artists.

City in a City recognizes that the LES community is the size of many small U.S. cities, with a complexity and diversity to match.  This summer and fall, City in a City is putting together a map of local cultural assets, listening to community-identified needs, meeting with local leaders, and developing pilot projects.  In the coming months, City in a City will commission new public art projects and develop initiatives which strengthen exchanges between local cultural organizations and LES residents.

The People’s LES

The People’s LES celebrates the history of culture, civic engagement and activism in the Lower East Side.  The LES is historically a community of immigrants, workers, organizers, artists, and radicals.  The People’s LES celebrates these multiple histories, connects them to today, and highlights grassroots efforts in which cultural organizing was a key element.  The People’s LES is also a program through which FAB and local culturals partner with LES leaders and organizers to bring needed change.

Dance Block

Dance Block is a special initiative to provide affordable rehearsal space in several East Village studios for choreographers and dancers.


FABnyc plays an active role in local and citywide advocacy for culture and community needs.  We participate actively in community convenings in the Lower East Side and are in regular communication with elected and city officials.


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