Theater Block

Theater Block is a subsidized space project of FABnyc that aims to maximize the potential of available rehearsal space in the East Fourth Street Cultural District. The project makes space available to theater and performing artists and companies rehearsing new or repertory works.

Theater Block allows FABnyc member studios to utilize studio and performance space during off peak hours providing affordable access to rehearsal space for theater and performing artists to incubate work, fill underutilized spaces with creative activity, and generate income for members.

The program is geared towards professional artists and companies rehearsing independent non-commercial work to be performed live.

Theater Block is a pilot program of FABnyc. At this time Downtown Art is the only studio offering rehearsal space. More theater spaces may be added in the near future.

2018 Theater Block Spaces


Guidelines & Policy

Theater Block is for theater and performance artists and groups creating non-commercial work, in the process of creating or rehearsing new or repertory works for $15-? per hour.

These spaces may NOT be used for, auditions, classes, workshops, or public performances. Open rehearsals are approved on a case-by-case basis and must be cleared with a staff member a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the rehearsal.

Please note that currently enrolled students who receive institutional support are not eligible for Theater Block. We also cannot host individuals who are 18 years or under for liability purposes.

Payment for rehearsals is made through our online booking system after filling out the form and being approved by the program. After you have been approved you will be asked to fill out a survey and contract that includes credit card information.

  • All rehearsals must end on time, no exceptions, as rehearsals are often booked back to back.
  • Groups or individuals who have reserved space starting at 6pm must arrive at 5:45 to be let into their space as Theater Block staff leave the premise at 6pm.
  • Cancellation policy: Renters who cancel within 72 hours of their scheduled rehearsal are not eligible for a refund.
  • Outdoor shoes are not permitted on studio floors.
  • No food or beverages other than water in plastic or unbreakable bottles are allowed in the studios.
  • No smoking or alcohol allowed on premises.
  • No spiked heels, tap shoes or Flamenco heels are allowed in any studio (with the exception of Rod Rogers).
  • No dogs allowed except for service animals.
  • Renters must leave the studio in the same condition as they entered it: Discard all trash, recyclables, close windows, turn off the lights, and turn off air conditioning and heaters, if applicable.
  • Rentals include access to spaces and restrooms but do not include access to studio equipment such as barres, music stands, exercise equipment, or shower facilities
  • Additional policies may apply to individuals spaces. The renter will be provided this information upon first renting space with Dance Block.


Fill out the form below to begin booking with Theater Block

  • If you would like to be considered for rehearsal space at Downtown Art please respond to the following prompt in the space below:

  • * * * PLEASE READ BEFORE SUBMITTING * * * Once you submit your form please allow 72 hours to process. Our staff will email you back with information about what spaces you are eligible for and a link to sign a contract online. After you submit your contract please allow another 72 hours to process. We will get back to you with a link to our online booking portal and instructions about how to book space.



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