Metropolitan Playhouse

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220 East Fourth Street
New York, NY 10009
Phone: 212-995-8410

Metropolitan Playhouse explores America’s theatrical heritage to illuminate contemporary American culture. The Playhouse produces early American plays, new plays drawn from American culture and history, and plays from around the world that resonate with the American canon.

Under the leadership of Artistic Director Alex Roe since 2001, the company has grown into an institution recognized for both artistic excellence and cultural significance. Guiding the company’s growth has been a clear vision of the rich portrait that theater paints of the culture that creates it. Reflecting society’s values, aspirations, and character, theater offers, as does no other art, a doubly rich perspective. On the one hand, it is a window into the character of the time of its creation. On the other, it is always contemporary, because every performance of a play is a new creation for its own time. Connecting us with our past in the light of our present, America’s theater gives invaluable insight into our cultural identity.