FABLES | Protector Spirits / プロテクター精神 | 2016

Artist: Ori Carino
Location: Ideal Glass facade (22 E. 2nd Street)
Spring 2016 (in conjunction with LES History Month)

Co-presented with Ideal Glass Gallery.

This mural is in honor of the community of people who built the rich history of the LES: artists, poets, musicians, dancers, immigrants, families and people willing to dream.

Ori Carino creates the Mother Madonna & spiritual patrons in this piece as guardians and protectors of the neighborhood’s culture: its people, art, history, social movements, and music. Characters that represent ideals which have enriched the area and the city will surround the dwellers of the LES. One of these figures, the Japanese cartoon character Anpanman (whose head is made of bread) offers a piece of himself for the benefit of others by allowing hungry children to eat his head.

Over the past decade Carino has exhibited his artwork, installations and murals internationally and here, in the city, and many are familiar with his Murals on Mars Bar series that carried on for 9 years until the building was taken down in 2010.

In progress gathering celebration

This project is part of FABnyc’s ArtUp program.