Ep. 05 – Recon on Cultural Equity

In the 5th episode of art Work, we look back at PS122xLoisaida’s Long Table discussion on Cultural Equity back in November 2016. Associate Producer Denise plays stage manager and runs some clips from the discussion as special guest Maura Cuffie and Risa Shoup dig deeper into the undercurrents and current currents stemming from that evening. What are we really talking about when we talk about “cultural equity”? Also, dear leaders in organizations, some things for you to think about as you move forward in this work.

Get a recap of the evening in tweets here.

You can connect with Risa at @The_Risa (twitter) and @risar (instagram) and Denise at @publiclydee (twitter+insta).

Maura Cuffie is one of three co-founders of the collective The Free Breakfast Program (FBP)—a platform for artful interactions and new ways of being inspired by the work of the Black Panther Party. Most recently FBP has exhibited with the No Longer Empty Curatorial Lab, NYU’s Department of Art and Politics, and the Painted Bride Art Center. Recent projects include A Lot More Beautiful, Ernest Cole Cultural Exchange, and Breakfast for Dinner concerning the topics reclaiming space, identity politics, artful protest, and more. She comes out of Drexel University with a degree in sociology focusing on the sociology of images and identity politics. By day she works as the Program Manager at EmcArts.

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