Cooper Square Committee

Cooper Square Committee
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61 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
Phone: (212) 228-8210

Founded in 1959, Cooper Square Committee is one of the only community organizations to successfully defeat an Urban Renewal plan by Planning Czar Robert Moses. CSC created one of the first community based plans for the redevelopment of a 5 block area from East 4th Street to Stanton Street, east of the Bowery, which was adopted as the official plan by the City in 1970.

CSC’s community organizing and planning efforts have brought the urban renewal plan for the area to a precedent setting conclusion over the past 3 decades, with the development of over 530 new low income housing units, and the renovation of 331 low income tenement units.

CSC counsels over 1,000 tenants per year to prevent evictions and displacement, and provides entitlement assistance services to income eligible persons. CSC engages in community organizing to promote accountable zoning, more affordable housing and improved delivery of City services.