Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance

Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company
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70 E 4th Street, Lower Level
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212-749-0095

Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company creates, performs and educates through the art of dance. They strive explore, celebrate and provoke thoughts while connecting cultures and bridging audiences to contribute to life’s infinite expressions. Alpha Omega’s vision and inspiration comes from life’s interactions to find what binds us. They thrive on mixing popular with traditional styles and challenging cultural expectations. This allows them to deconstruct or blend movements to affirm new expressions that explore and celebrate the similarities of our human core.

Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company was founded in 1972 by Ronn Pratt, Dolores Vanison-Blakley, and Miriam Greaves to provide a platform for multicultural choreographers and dance artists. A creative venue for artists and a safe haven for inner city youth, it has served thousands for over four decades. Alpha Omega continues to build audiences through delivering performances that are energetic, uplifting, cultural, passionate and all around entertaining experiences. They serve communities through outreach programs and performances, and educate youth with programs that serve as a positive social outlet as well as a forum for those interested in a professional career. Alpha Omega’s performance history span local, national and international engagements and festivals.