WOW Café Theatre

WOW Café Theatre
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59-61 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003
Phone: (917) 725-1482

WOW Café Theater is a women’s theater collective, which promotes the empowerment of women through the performing arts. It began as an international women’s theatre festival in 1980 and is the nation’s oldest surviving women’s theatre collective, dedicated to providing space for all women and trans artists to develop and present their art in New York City. In 1984, WOW moved to the black box theatre it inhabits today at 59-61 East 4th Street.

WOW is committed to providing an affordable and accessible venue for those who are marginalized and misrepresented in mainstream theatre, in particular welcoming women and transpeople of color, and women and trans people who identify as lesbians, bisexual and queer. They’re welcomed regardless of any prior theatre experience, to learn and participate in all aspects of theatre and performance, working with all aspects of their artistic endeavors.

WOW provides a working theater space to our members and the technical support to create and produce works, regardless of economic status. By helping with other people’s productions, members gain “sweat equity,” which earns them producing time in the theatre. With their earned time, members are free to present their chosen artistic endeavor.

WOW is also part of FAB’s Dance Block Program.

FALL 2015: Now booking 9am-12pm Mon-Fri
59-61 E 4th Street, 4th Floor | 200 sqft
Small blackbox theater with high ceilings; Note:there are occasionally set pieces in place and at times the seating is moved around.