9. Small Business with SaMi Chester and Armando Moritz-Chapelliquen


For many decades we’ve felt the pressures of gentrification in the LES, and our neighborhood has creatively found ways to maintain its cultural and economic vitality throughout. Lately we’ve been feeling the rapid impact of small business closures and displacement.  In this episode of artWork we hear Risa talk to SaMi Chester, and Armando Moritz-Chapelliquen about initiatives to protect small business today.

SaMi Chester: aka; SC2 is the Founder/Artistic Director of BeBop Theatre Collective. A veteran artist and advocate, he considers himself “A Servant of the People” and continues to fight injustice through art and activism. He has been fortunate to work with Sonia Sanchez, Gwendolyn Brooks and a host of others. When not working on his craft, you can find him beating up on bad acting landlords and fighting for human rights.

Armando Moritz-Chapelliquen is the Campaign Coordinator for Equitable Economic Development. Armando engages with member groups and allies to advance economic justice through organizing and advocacy campaigns. Beyond the cause of equity, he enjoys philosophy and his cat Coltrane.

You can connect with Risa at @The_Risa (twitter) and @risar (instagram) and Denise at @publiclydee (twitter+insta).

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