8. Civic Engagement with Carlina Rivera and Jamie Rogers

This episode features Carlina Rivera, candidate for City Council, and Jamie Rogers, owner of Pushcart Coffee and chair of Community Board 3. With the host, Risa Shoup, the three of them focus on Civic Engagement and Organizing in Lower East Side. While we’re living together and working together, we have to make the time to support each other. Carlina speaks on the advice that the women in her life have given her:

“Be strong and to take care of yourself and to remember that taking care of others is important to your heart and to your spirit.”

Follow Carlina Rivera’s campaign on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Additional credits
Many thanks to Brandon and Cooper Square Committee.
Associate Producers: Risa Shoup & Denise Shu Mei
Audio Engineer: Timothy McAleer

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