1. Introducing: art Work

FAB is producing a podcast!

art Work is a monthly, roundtable-format podcast that celebrates the work (see: labor, skill, thoughtfulness) of artists and cultural workers in New York City, with a particular focus on performance as well as community engagement. Hosted by FABnyc’s Executive Director Risa Shoup, each episode features 2 to 3 guests from the arts and culture sector reflecting upon a weekly theme.
With this podcast, we want to:

– celebrate contemporary performance and art
– bring to the table arts and cultural leaders from the Lower East Side and beyond, and elevate the performance lens as a powerful way of navigating the world
– have a means of expression to talk about difficult issues & political discourse as it manifests in the contemporary art realm
– debunk the myth that the creation and production of art and culture functions only as a form of entertainment and does not consist of “real work”

Each episode, we’re also excited to feature a LES-based or LES-grown musician. The ending credit music is a snippet from Nova Mandarke’s Made Men.

P.S. We’re recording this teaser episode in our office storeroom closet, so please excuse the audio quality this round! It gets better, we promise!

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