Recon: Cultural Equity

In this episode, art Work looks back at PS122xLoisaida’s Long Table discussion on Cultural Equity back in November 2016. Associate Producer Denise plays stage manager and runs some clips from the discussion as special guest Maura Cuffie and another familiar voice (don’t worry, we don’t withhold the information for long) gets to dig deeper into the undercurrents and current currents stemming from that evening. Is cultural equity the thing? The method? The frame? We might have come up with more questions than answers but we’re okay with that.

You can also visit for a recap of the evening in tweets.

You can connect with Risa at @The_Risa (twitter) and @risar (instagram) and Denise at @publiclydee (twitter+insta).

Thank you again to Alex & Jeso at PS122 and Brandon at Cooper Square Committee for your support in making this episode happen!

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