Connecting with Liberation

In this special episode, we are privileged and excited to have Sarita Covington guest host in honor of Black History Month! Together with her guests, Ebony Noelle Golden and Paloma McGregor, the trio talk about art, resistance, and liberation. Are you just joining the party? Are you chasing the thing? What IS Liberation? This conversation will lead you through art-making, lessons in collectivity, visions of resistance… ultimately, to be FREE, together.

Sarita: / You can find Company Cypher on Facebook at @companycypher

Paloma: @AngelasPulse (Twitter + Insta) / On social media, you can find Dancing While Black at @dancingwhileblack (Facebook + Twitter)

Ebony: @bettysdaughter1 (twitter) / ebonygolden (insta) /

Shoutout to ACRE (Artists Co-Creating Real Equity)!

More about Sarita, Ebony, and Paloma is available on our website, Talk to us at @fourthartsblock on twitter (#artWorkthePodcast).

Additional credits
Many thanks to Brandon and Cooper Square Committee.
Associate Producers: Risa Shoup & Denise Shu Mei
Audio Engineer: Timothy McAleer

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