Live, Learn, Lead

In our second episode of art Work, Kay Takeda and Shaun Leonardo join Risa to share what leadership looks like in their work and ways to share power and be creative as administrators. Also, we get to have a closing round of “In First Place”, a segment celebrating place-based projects either past or to-come.

Kay: Kay Takeda on Facebook / @KayTakeda (Twitter, though she can’t guarantee frequency) / To find out more about her work at LMCC, visit or @lmcc on twitter
Shaun: @elcleonardo (instagram) / To find out more about his work at New Museum, visit

Special thanks to Public Access T.V. for opening and closing music. You can find their music on soundcloud at and on Twitter/IG/Facebook at @PublicAccessTv.44

More about Marýa, Rasu, Dan, and Nova Mandarke is be available on our website,

Talk to us at @fourthartsblock on twitter, using #artWork, or you can also send a good ol’ fashioned email to

Additional credits
Many thanks to Cynthia Pringle for coordinating space.
Associate Producers: Risa Shoup & Denise Shu Mei
Audio Engineer: Timothy McAleer

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