C is for Curation… and Care

In our very first episode of art Work, we welcome to the table Marýa Wethers, Dan Fishback, and Rasu Jilani to talk about curatorial practices! If curation is community service, what is a “good” curator? Our guests weigh in and discuss just what are the right questions, how to fail within the context of curation, and reflect on how they bring their full selves to their work.

Rasu: @rasuisms (twitter) / @rasupreme (IG)
Dan: @dangerfishback (twitter)
Marýa: Not on the social media but you can catch her Dec 10 at the Draftwork series with iele paloumpis at Danspace

Special thanks to Nova Mandarke for opening and closing music. You can find his music on soundcloud at www.soundcloud.com/NovaMandarke and on Twitter/IG/Facebook at @NovaMandarke.

More about Marýa, Rasu, Dan, and Nova Mandarke will be available on our website, www.fabnyc.org.

Talk to us at @fourthartsblock on twitter, using #artWork, or you can also send a good ol’ fashioned email to denise@fabnyc.org.

Additional credits
Many thanks to Ann-Marie Lonsdale & Kati Frazier at ART/NY for helping us with space needs.
Associate Producers: Risa Shoup & Denise Shu Mei
Audio Engineer: Timothy McAleer

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