art Work

artWork is FABnyc’s podcast exploring at how art works in the world.  Launched in 2016, artWork is an ongoing conversation with culture makers on the role arts and culture can play in strengthening communities. artWork is currently produced by FABnyc, hosted by Executive Director Ryan Gilliam with Associate Producer, Michael Hickey

artWork was originally conceived by former Executive Director Risa Shoup and Denise Shu Mei

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New Episodes Coming in January 2018!

Learn about guests & and featured music by episode:

13. Organizing + Artmaking 

12. Culture, Organizing & Identity (a lot of ways to slice that tomato)

11. On being an ‘artist and….’

10. Intro to Episode 11 and beyond

9. Small Business

8. Civic Engagement

7. Real Talk/Kip Talk

6. Recon: Cultural Equity

5. Connecting with Liberation

4. Did someone say Thank You?

3. Live, Learn, Lead

2. C is for Curation… and Care

1. Introducing: art Work