Chinatown Art Brigade Guest Editors of PUSH/PULL

FABnyc Artists in Residence, Chinatown Art Brigade, were guest editors for Culture Push’s Online Journal PUSH/PULL Spring 2018 Issue “Chinatown/Connex”. The issue gathers writing from collaborators and allies who share a deep concern for the future of Chinatowns, both locally and globally as the tides of hyper-development and real estate investments threaten to displace residents who have called these places home for decades. Each work powerfully demonstrates the need to draw connections between displaced low-income communities of color and the strength of grass-roots, community-led resistance and resilience. With contributions from Huiying Chan, Diane Wong and Mei Lum, Alina Shen, Emily Mock, the Gòngmíng Collective for Language Justice, and the Chinatown Art Brigade. Read more on the English Homepage.

Artwork by Liz Moy.

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