FABnyc: LES Arts Community Video

When cultural and community groups created FABnyc, it was because we knew there were things we could accomplish together that we couldn’t do alone.  Working in partnership has always been a core FABnyc practice.  We recognize that a healthy cultural ecology requires a healthy and diverse community of cultural organizations — and so we work regularly with upwards of 40 local arts and culture groups each year.   We bring visibility and support to their work, through advocacy, media platforms, skill building workshops, and peer networks.   Our podcast highlights issues of importance to the field and our workshops range from information on using cloud-based software to challenges like access for disability artists and addressing bias in our organizations.  This past summer, FABnyc began mapping the cultural assets of the Lower East Side to help us think about how we can support greater engagement between local cultural organizations and LES residents.  We also launched a very new partnership with Downtown Art – sharing space, sharing staff, sharing a vision for a culturally vibrant community in the Lower East Side.

Please support FABnyc in its work by making a donation at www.fabnyc.org/donate

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