FABnyc: Local Partnerships Video

FABnyc was founded as a coalition of cultural and community groups fighting displacement, so cross sector partnerships are in our bones.  We continue to be a cultural partner to many community groups, bringing arts strategies to their organizing work on neighborhood needs.  Sustainability is a long-time concern for FABnyc; we host recycling events, have led white roof installations on 4th Street, and are an active advocate and member of LES Ready!  Small businesses play a huge role in defining neighborhood culture – so we work with Cooper Square Committee to fight small business displacement.  We celebrate local history and culture, pushing back against its erasure with initiatives like LES History Month, which engages  over 80 organizations.  And in 2018, we’re launching The People’s LES, to amplify the stories of local people, and forming new partnerships with community groups to build cultural equity across our area.

Please support FABnyc and our work sustaining community in the Lower East Side with an end of year donation at www.fabnyc.org/donate

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