Affordable Art Space Video

FABnyc was founded 17 years ago by a dozen cultural and community groups on East 4th Street.  We were all in city owned buildings which we had homesteaded for years — but the city had decided it was time to sell the properties.  We organized, created FAB, and with a lot of community support, were able to purchase 8 properties for $1 each – making them permanent homes for nonprofit arts and culture.  Affordable workspace for artists is a huge need in New York.  FAB launched Dance Block six years ago – working with local studios to provide $10/hour rehearsal space.  Now more than 600 choreographers and small companies make work each year through Dance Block. In 2018 we’re working to open up more affordable space with a pilot project serving theater artists.  Please help us keep offering affordable workspace for artists.

Make an end of year donation to FAB at

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