Crafting the Cultural Plan Pt.1

Hello FABbers! It’s possible you have already discovered contributions to our blog made by former FAB intern, current friend and Stanford junior Trey Hale. One important focus of his work here having been to launch an investigation into the process of creating a cultural plan, which New York City now undergoes crafting for the first time in it’s long history of a uniquely close relationship between arts and culturals, and the city itself.

For full disclosure, and you will find out, we the FAB happen to be somewhat intimately linked to the undertaking that is creating this cultural plan as consultants brought on throughout the community planning segment of the process. However through this intimate link it was possible for Trey to access a wealth of information needed to help demystify and illuminate the process for us all today.

So here find the culmination of his work in three parts, starting with today’s introduction to his investigation. Follow closely as we will learn from a few other domestic cities who have undergone the process, namely: Chicago, Boston, Tuscon/Pima County, and Denver. A diverse collection of cities, we begin with their assessments and the results of their research into their respective needs and the purpose served by the arts and culture institutions they serve. Stick around to learn about these results, and some of the methods used to engage with their communities, as well as some of the downfalls and strengths of this manner of sustained looking at a region’s arts infrastructure. In part 2 we tackle  three i’s of cultural planning consisting roughly of  plan implementation, infrastructure, and inclusion.

So now you see why we would consider no other way to best share this day with you, as it was undoubtedly a great labor of love, and there’s no one that we love more than our readers, our community, and our wonderful wonderful interns! So read on and prosper babies, until next time. CREATEnyc Report Pt. 1


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