A note from Denise

I am not sure when I first felt at home at FAB.

Perhaps it was when Anna first brought me to pick pears at the pear tree on 5th (was it 5th?) next to the police station (they didn’t really care, it turns out). Or perhaps it was after hauling 10 racks of clothing during September 2015’s Load OUT! with the help of David Commander? (Thank the Commander!) Or when Alex from 4th St Photo Gallery and I made plans for a bike ride (yet to come to fruition)? Was it when the beautiful MHA guys – John, Milton, Andreas, Fausto, Ephraim, Edgar, Carlos – helped me at one point or another, cross the road after a snowstorm when I was in crutches? Or when Rachel & Mona laughed when it was my first time sweeping the basement studio? Maybe it was when Liton would come tapping at the window when our postcards were done, or when Vivian or Winston stopped by so Mikey the dog could visit. Maybe it was Sheila’s smile. But surely, by the time Harriet and I formed our Gimp Squad I knew that FAB carved itself into my bones in a way that continues to inform so many of my interactions to come.

Working at FAB meant supporting the Lower East Side community. And what a privilege. To learn from a community that doesn’t bat an eyelid at complexity or conflict, whose kindness is like the pinch of salt in chocolate made sweeter, and who graciously accepts creative energy as credit.

Thank you, FAB, for giving me an opportunity to work alongisde with such amazing people. To the Lower East Side community: thank you opening a space for me in this FABulous production. I’ll be around — because how could I not?

With love,


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