In Solidarity


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The outcome of the Presidential election has stirred up strong emotions, including fears, especially among Latinos, immigrants, African Americans, Muslims, Jews, LGBT people, and women.

As non-profit community based organizations, we are non-partisan. However, we want to affirm our solidarity with people in our East Village/Lower East Side community who may worry about how the election results will affect their family or themselves. 

Ours is a diverse community of all races and dozens of nationalities, LGBT and straight, with many immigrants, and people of all faiths.

Our community has faced many challenges and is renowned for its resiliency and its commitment to social and economic justice. It is the birthplace of the union movement, and our residents have played an important role in the anti-war movement, the feminist movement, the AIDS activism of ACT UP and many cultural movements.

We will continue to be here working in solidarity with tenants, coop shareholders, artists, workers and institutions struggling to improve their homes, businesses, and community infrastructure in the face of displacement pressures.

When we come together and organize, we can achieve amazing things. Let us stay focused on preserving and strengthening our community, and let’s take care of one another. If you experience a bias related incident, please let us know. We are here to help. 


Steve Herrick, Executive Director, Cooper Square Committee

Risa Shoup, Executive Director, Fourth Arts Block

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