Spotlight Loisaida

This past Spring (2016), we embarked on an ambitious but fulfilling project, Spotlight Loisaida. As a short video mini-series co-produced by FAB and Loisaida Cultural Center, the goal was to highlight some, but by no means all, of the important cultural stories of the Loisaida neighborhood. We are honored by the generous participation of some of our community’s most dedicated and creative residents and we hope to encourage people to explore the richness and vibrancy of the neighborhood on their own!

This mini-series features Jane Weissman, Dave Ortiz, René Pérez, Carlina Riveria, Libertad Guerra and Pepe Flores, and we hope you will enjoy hearing their perspectives below!

Are you a current Loisaida resident? Or did you grow up in the neighborhood? We’d love to hear you stories! Get in touch with Denise at and let’s have a conversation!

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