We made streets!

Well, using LES Partnership’s Make our Street online tool, our FAB interns Quinn, Lily, and Lena did! Through street visioning events, collecting data, and digital street design with Streetmix, LES Partnership is gathering local knowledge to envision the best streets we can have. You can partake in this fun little activity and maybe you’ll now pause to consider the streets & the seemingly unending construction in this city… what kind of streets are we building toward?

Here’s what the FABterns come up with and for some context, where each of them hail from:

lillard-avenueLillard Avenue designed by Lily, originally from Westport, CT.



Soffey Street designed by Quinn, originally from Milwaukee, WI,

fab-avenue (1)

FAB Avenue designed by Lena, originally from Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Do any of these streets resemble any place you’ve been to?

This is part of LES Partnership exploration towards the expansion of their services. Stake your place and claim the future you want here in the Lower East Side – take the online survey and help LES Partnership ascertain the needs & hopes for the neighborhood.

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