We’re Listening

Dear Friends, Family, and Colleagues,

We want you to know that we are still listening. And learning. And talking. And doing.

We value the differences in culture, age, ethnicity, race, gender, class within our community members – you – here on the Lower East Side and in New York City. We are committed to equity & dismantling systems that work against our values.

If you are looking for resources to mount a creative response to the ongoing crisis of racial violence in our country or if you are seeking a space to process information, we hope you’ll reach out to us.

Below, we offer some resources that we have found valuable. Some bring solace, others suggestions towards action, and others a deeper education about this crisis and its historic underpinnings. These resources are crowdsourced and by no means comprehensive and we invite you to see them as a starting point.

Reading List 

Action-Based & Support Resources

Organizers to consider

This is a list that will be updated consistently. Please feel free to email denise@fabnyc.org if you would like to add something to this resource page.

With love,

Risa, Nadia, Denise, and Krista

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