Becoming FAB: Finding a United Voice

FABoperatorToday, FAB’s role as neighborhood “switchboard operator” – connector and collaborator with working arts and cultural groups on the block and the wider Lower East Side – is not without cause. This way of working began way back in the early days of organizing, as FAB was becoming… well, FAB! With a dozen and some groups and artists with differing viewpoints and priorities, it was certainly a challenge to form a unified vision. As with many social movements in history, not everything was smooth sailing from the get go, but this was a natural consequence with organizing and the common goal to advance the 4th Street Cultural District (though technically not named yet) was to emerge…

From "Revisioning East 4th" Planning Report
From “Revisioning East 4th” Planning Report

“They wanted us to all come together, all 12 of us groups, come together to come up with one single plan to purchase all these buildings!”

“The feeling then…. When all the groups came together, it was a way for us to have a better chance and doing what we do best in the arts & culture and be able to better give back and serve the community”

–  Rachel Lubell, Rod Rodgers Dance Company



“FAB came about out of the need and desire to maintain the block… and the feeling that Yes, this is our home, and we do give back to the community, and we represent the diversity of the neighborhood.”

“FAB & its creation helped us to solidify us and not lead us into in-fighting. Us speaking united helped everyone”

–  Bev Petty, La MaMa ETC



From "Revisioning East 4th" Planning Report
From “Revisioning East 4th” Planning Report

This mini-series is part of FABNYC’s 15th year celebrations! Though the benefit is over, we are still committed to being FAB all year round. Stay tuned for a few more posts in this series!

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