Cookies & Eclecticism (and why we love a FABnyc Dance Salon)

Our Dance Block Salon is a low-tech salon performance of short length dance works, designed to both build visibility for the Dance Block program and to connect the Dance Block artist community.

By Allison Plamondon

Held at the beautiful Downtown Art (one of my favorite dance spaces in the city) and curated by the aptly named FAB staff, I was just in time to enjoy the allotted social hour beforehand. Though I didn’t get the chance to speak to everyone in the room, the vibe was warm and had an instant sense of community. To my left, I chatted with two adorable southern gals who were in NYC for the summer, studying dance and acting. On my right, a couple who worked with one of the dancers at a local bar told me they had never gone to see live dance! Can you imagine? If this doesn’t prove the evening was a success already…and that’s even before the performances.


Cori Marquis – ‘Outside & In’


White Road Dance Media – ‘Canyon Ours’ 

The showing began with a fierce and very in your face piece called Outside & In, created and performed by Cori Marquis. Next up, a duet choreographed by FABnyc’s own Marisa Gruneberg. Canyon Ours presented relationship dynamics through fascinating partner work, featuring evocative original music by Chad Raines. From there, Laurel Snyder shared a stunningly organic exploration of movement and vocals, which she called Apple and Oranges. The closer of the evening was an excerpt of “Mira el” by Antonio Ramos & The Gang Bangers. Bold and revealing (to say the least), the show ended on a high note with a great sense of humor and irreverence.


Laurel Snyder – ‘Apples and Oranges’

Everyone loves a good salon. A dance salon in particular, provides a much-needed platform for a choreographer to share, take risks and get feedback. There is something very exciting about showing new work. No matter how casual the setting, it is still a deadline for the choreographer and a performance opportunity for the dancers. This pretty much guarantees that the room is charged with that “anything can happen” kind of feeling. The FABnyc Summer Dance Salon on June 25th was no exception. It was eclectic in its offering of dance, audience members, and flavors of Insomnia cookies. A well-spent hot summer night in New York, I left feeling connected and inspired to make my own work (dance, not cookies).   

Allison Plamondon is a New York-based choreographer, actress and frequent Dance Blocker. To find out more about Allison’s work, check out her website.

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