The exhibition/artist residency, 12×12 at First Park: Pondering Smarter Consumption, is going swimmingly, thanks for askin’! 

Just last week,  Mario Chamorro, Catalina Parra, and Pablo Gnecco put together a Happiness Lab, a project described by Chamorro as a tool to “create social experiments through art to explore and visualize how people use their own happiness to develop sustainable communities." 


(image via Happiness Lab)

The Happiness Lab included a "Happiness Network,” which traced the locations of visitors’ happy memories within the neighborhood. 


(Isaac Joseph from The29 teaching a “Mindful State of Being Workshop” under the Happiness Network. Image via Happiness Lab

On Saturday August 17th, the former United Nations Ambassador of Iraq, Dr. T. Hamid Al-Bayati, visited the Happiness Lab and gave an inspirational talk about his personal journey and the importance of happiness. 


(image via Happiness Lab)

Sabrina Tee of the Happiness Lab muses on her experience with the installation: “One of my favourite interactions was with this woman who described the happiness movement as a "vortex”, a force that gains power as it gets larger. I had previously heard of metaphors such as the ripple effect or each person being a drop of water that can lead to a tsunami of change, but this simple yet powerful metaphor truly stuck with me.“

The Happiness Lab wrapped up on August 18th, but there are still two more 12×12 installations you can catch!

Currently occupying our FIrst Park location is the musician Jonathan Koh, who is creating a hybridization of classical techniques and synthesized music that explores how ambience can draw listeners into a space.

Coming up next week, the 12×12 will host NYC-based performance artist Shawn "The Puru” Shafner of the POOP Project. Shawn invites visitors to clean out their closet and make space for meaning by turning the 12×12 into a clothing donation station and creating a collaborative latch-hook rug.

More info on these installations at the 12×12 Tumblr.

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