LoadOUT! A Reuse & Repurposing RIOT TOMORROW! Get ready!!



Have you heard about this amazing event called LoadOUT? If not, you really need to read up on your news! 

TOMORROW FAB is hosting LoadOUT! A Reuse & Repurposing RIOT at 19 East 3rd Street, between Bowery and 2nd Ave from 12-3pm. 

Enjoy an afternoon of repurposing and recycling activities that showcase creative thinking about sustainability and the arts! 

Attendees are invited to take home all the donated costumes, props, and furniture they find. Artists are invited to participate for free. The general public will be charged a $5 entrance fee to participate. Whatever you decide to take away with you is FREE of charge. 

Read more about LoadOUT! on Gothamist (yes, they wrote about us which means it’s gonna be crazy!) 

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