The FAB Cafe is working with the EcoBizNYC program through the Lower East Side Ecology Center to grenn the cafe and change some of our habits to be better. It’s turning out to be a lot of fun!

Here’s just 10 things we’re doing that you could do too.

1. Implementing an energy assessment. Here’s one place to look first.

2. Plug all appliances into power strips and turn them off when not in use. For us, we have to keep certain things running all the time, like the refrigerator of course, but to make up for that energy drain we’re turning off all other appliances as much as we can. And dimming the lights, cause it’s cute and green!

3. We’re keeping our AC a few degrees higher. We were keeping it on 72 degrees because that’s the Shoney’s comfort zone and I thought that was funny. But the Eco Biz girls said to keep it on 76 and to always keep it on energy saver mode. Done!

4. Switch your energy provider. We’re most likely going with Green Mountain Energy.

5. Save water. We used a toilet tank bank to save a little water when flushing and added a low flow aerator to our sink faucet.

6. We’re a Tap It Refill Station now!

7. Adopt a tree! We adopted the tree right in front of the cafe first and we may adopt more. We did this through Million Trees NYC. They have classes to learn how to take care of trees and even how to make your own small fences to go around them to protect them. I can’t wait to take this class!

8. Purchase only 100% recycled and at least 40% post consumer toilet paper and paper towels. We’re using Marcal but there are other brands out there such as Seventh Generation and Green Heritage. These websites even have some coupons on them.

9. We enrolled in the Eco To Go program. This just basically means that when ordering, you, the customer, says the phrase “ECO TO GO”, the MINIMUM amount of packaging, wrapping, plastic, etc. will be used.

10. We’re also offering a discount to all customers who bring their own bag when they need a bag to go. We already offer a discount if you bring in your own coffee cup. Yay discounts!

Love and Coffee,


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