October Member of the Month: La MaMa ETC

October's Member of the Month is long-time FAB member and E. 4th Street icon, La MaMa. After closing out a great summer with last weekend's Queer NY International Arts Festival and a jubilee celebration of the Selma Voting March with Selma '65, La MaMa will be tackling environmental issues this fall with Tempest 3: The Tide is Rising. The centerpiece of the LA MAMA EARTH season, Tempest 3: The Tide is Rising is a series of three productions of William Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST that explore nature, destruction, and humanity, the first of which is NOW SHOWING.

Fall 2014 Season: LA MAMA EARTH

Three diverse, international productions of William Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST (U.S. - South Korea - Italy) form the centerpiece of the LA MAMA EARTH season, the first of which features Reg E. Cathey and is NOW SHOWING. In announcing the season, Artistic Director Mia Yoo stated the LA MAMA EARTH theme materialized as a result of the up-close and personal impact of Hurricane Sandy on individuals and communities, "when former Mayor Bloomberg responded to a reporter's question at a press conference with the simple statement, 'the tide is rising.'" Learn more about LA MAMA EARTH on their website!

VOTE FABnyc on Design With Benefits

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Voting period: 10/6 – 11/28 


FABnyc is featured on ethical design website Design With Benefits! Each month, three projects are voted on to receive a portion of the website's proceeds. We would be receiving donations all throughout the holiday season, so show us your support and VOTE!

To VOTE, simply visit the site and click "vote" under our tab on the homepage. Additional votes can be earned by signing up for the Design With Benefits newsletter or making a purchase (so get your holiday shopping done early!)!

Digging Into Dance Block

photo by Whitney Browne


FABnyc’s Dance Block program offers an alternative solution to the rehearsal space crisis facing many New York City dance artists. Working with several of its 28 organizational members, Fourth Arts Block formed Dance Block to provide low-cost rehearsal space through centralized booking of multiple, individually owned studio spaces. The program, which serves an artistic population (historically known as severely undercompensated), has been extremely well received, with over 500 dance makers enrolled!

While dancers and choreographers get access to affordable space, studio owners receive full revenue from rentals and the satisfaction that their spaces are being used to their utmost creative capacities. FABnyc and the rest of the neighborhood benefits too, as the block fills with new artistic energy, building on the already vibrant atmosphere of this historic cultural district.

We recently checked in with some of our Dance Blockers to see how the program has played a role in their creative process…

Dante Brown | Warehouse Dance

Alex M. Schell | A Motion Scape Project

Fatima Loga | VashtiDance Inc.

To find out more about Dance Block and renting rehearsal space, check out our SPACES Page!

FABLES: a public art project

Levan Mindiashvili 'Ghost'
A Guided Tour through FABLES
with FABnyc's Director of Public Art, Keith Schweitzer

With our FABLES projects completed and installed, we offered an exclusive, guided tour of our five FABLES sites and artwork, hosted by FABnyc's Director of Public Art, Keith Schweitzer. This FREE tour showed many of the work's historical and personal relevance to the Lower East Side (as projects Feed Me a Story and Lower East Side Heroines transition out of their homes at First Street Green Park and Centre-Fuge Public Art Project).

FABLES is a public art series produced by FABnyc to explore the Lower East Side’s living cultural heritage, rich historical legacies, and current issues in public storytelling through visual art. For more information and updates, go to our FABLES page.
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